Easter – the Latvian way

Easter – the Latvian way! Easter is a three day long spring equinox that is celebrated in honour of sun’s arrival and lights victory over darkness. In Latvia, the Christian Easter has mixed together with Easter celebrations that are based on native traditions. People decorate eggs and swing about in the swingers as well as go to church to celebrate the resurrection of Christ.

Egg decorating is considered to be a very special tradition. While everywhere in the world people use synthetic dyes, then in Latvia eggs are decorated by using onion peel as well as newly braided green, boiled in green or black tea. After that, the decorated eggs are used in various games, for example, in egg fights were the strongest egg is determined as well as in egg rolling, where one tries to roll the egg as far as possible.

It is equally important to swing about in the swingers – so the insects would not sting during the summer and the year itself would be active and successful.

Easter meal usually consists of round meals that symbolise the sun and awakening of the nature – such as round loafs of brad, pancakes, peas and of course eggs.

During Easter one will be able to see the native traditions in Wildlife Museum as well as elsewhere. “Smile Line” Guides will help you to find the most interesting way to spend this spring holiday celebration.