man meets God

Where man meets God (ID 013)

Where man meets God… The Orthodox Churches are examples of richness, obedience and outstanding architecture. Did you know that none other than the Orthodox churches were one of the first Christian gathering halls? Turns out that the honor of bringing Christian faith belongs the missionaries of Polocka and not to the German order nights. The orthodox churches are easily recognizable in the city landscape with their onion shaped domes and luxurious architecture, however often enough one will see light timber buildings covered with fine lace ornaments. But what hides beneath those cold walls and always welcoming open doors? The guide agency “Smile Line” invites you to join on an exciting and God’s presence filled trip to the Orthodox churches of Riga. During the trip we will see the most notorious of all orthodox churches in Latvia – The Christ’s Birth Cathedral of Riga, as well as we will visit other dwellings of God wrapped into the scent of incense, where wax candles alongside with the Holy icons are sending their prayers towards heavens’.



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walking 2 h 30 € * 20 €

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man meets God

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