Riga city of contrasts

Riga – the city of contrasts (ID 001)

The bus drives along the embankment of the River Daugava, providing a wonderful panoramic view of the city with its medieval church towers and the Riga Castle. Even today, the city preserves the symbols of the Soviet time – the Monument of the Red Riflemen and the Occupation Museum, the Academy of Sciences and the restored Cathedral of the Nativity of Christ, which used to be a planetarium under the Soviet regime. It proceeds through the center of the city to the Art Nouveau district, Albert Street – a real open-air museum of architecture, where the most explicit collection of Art Nouveau buildings in Europe is located.


Type Tour lasts price per person if 3 or more people in group – price per person
walking + bus 2 h 30 € * 20 €

*starting from 2 persons + booking required 1 day before

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