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Wooden architecture in Riga bus tour (ID 010)

There are over 3,500 wooden buildings scattered across Riga. Riga has always been an international port and its wooden architecture reflects the influence of Latvian, German, Russian, Swedish and Polish craftsmanship which has resulted in a diversity of styles and richness of detail.

On this tour you will drive along Kalnciema Street which contains twenty-three classical wooden buildings and see how run down shacks can be turned into stately buildings. You will have the opportunity to visit Kalnciems Quarter, a complex of beautifully renovated wooden buildings in the style of late Western European Classicism, which is not just pleasing to the eye but also a venue for concerts, movie nights, small festivals and an open air market. Then you will drive through Ķīpsala, an island with nicely renovated wooden buildings and a great view of the Old city and proceed to a historical workers’ neighborhood, Grīziņkalns. The place has well-preserved century wooden buildings of the late 19th century.


Type Tour lasts price per person if 3 or more people in group – price per person
walking + bus 2 h 30 € * 25 €*

*starting from 2 persons + booking required 1 day before

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Riga bus tour

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